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Watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind Online – Free Streaming 1977 Full Movie HD on Putlocker. After an encounter with U.F.O.s, a line worker feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen.

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  • Frank Dalla

    Millions of people want this to be real, They grew up believing it. But this is not real, it is fiction, there are no other creatures that human kind can find anywhere that we have looked. And the search is expensive for us Earthlings, and has lasted for decades. But we are not alone, we have life all around us. We should demonstrate more concern for life on Earth, and for the Earth it’s self, or perhaps we may end up alone after all. The real dream is right here, and we do not value it enough. I hope humanity wakes up and realizes this, and dismisses all the fiction that has been presented to us as the future.

    • Emma Rose

      Frank, I’ve spent my entire life hoping this isn’t real. But it is, only the “aliens” aren’t very benevolent… I may sound like a crazy person in saying this, but believe me, I know what I’ve seen, and I can attest to the genuine nature of what most others have to say about the topic. We have no future. … But we do have the movies, so watch while you can. Haha. Thanks for trying to spread a good message, but you are sadly mistaken. Not everyone has experiences, but coming from someone who has, it is more real to me than anything else.

      • Frank Dalla

        Emma, human existence is a frail and fragile thing. There is not one subject, be it an idea, a concept, an evaluation or an experience that has no opposite. The law of equal and opposite reaction is more universal than anyone imagines. It even applies to our spiritual selves, and how we interpret our own existence. I’m not a well educated individual, with certificates of intelligence, I have a practical mind that often produces evaluations and comments that bring landslides of opposition upon me. I often wish that I could restrain myself instead of exposing my opinions to so many, but there are times when the temptation is greater than my ability to resist. What you have expressed is not within my grasp of understanding, but I don’t doubt your word.

  • Don S

    this is just a good film enjoy it for what it is ,entertainment. wether it has any basis in reality ? I keep an open mind , but what I know for sure is ,for its time its a very entertaining film , so make some popcorn drink your favorite beverage kik back &enjoy. for free ?